Moen FX Canada

MOEN MO-BA BUFFALO Parametric EQ,DI,Speaker SIM Guitar Pedal

The MOEN MO-BA GEN2 Buffalo is an improved version of the GEN1 buffalo, it’s a special guitar pedal designed for small concerts and personal recording in a studio environment.
It features a parametric EQ which can be turned on/off by the stomp switch, the internal cabinet simulator is perfect for direct recording and the headphone amplifier is very helpful for quiet practice.

Low Frequency Knob
Mid Frequency Knob
Mid Frequency Sweeper Knob
High Frequency Knob
Attenuation Knob of Input Signal. Clockwise attenuates the singal.
Output Level Knob, affects to TOAMP/BAL/UNBAL/Headphone

Separate Equalizer switch is perfect for RHYTHM/SOLO Switching.
Low/Mid/High and Mid-Tone Shift EQ-ing, wide adjustable tone
Attenuation control for proper effect/pre-amp blending
Output without Speaker Simulation for Monitor Amplifiers
Speaker Simulation output (Balanced/Unbalanced) for live or recording
Headphone out, makes an excellent personal practice amp
Strong Metal Casing
Signal Flow:
IN -> EQ(on/off by switch) -> clean buffer -> TO AMP
IN -> EQ(on/off by switch) -> clean buffer -> AMP Simulation circuit -> XLR output & Unbalanced & Headphone outputs.