Moen FX Canada

MOEN MO-DB DEEP BLUE Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass

The MOEN MO-DB Deep Blue is designed with JFET transistors. This effects pedal is perfect for a rock, blues or jazz guitarist. The overdrive, controlled by the Drive knob, produces the classic smooth harmonic sound traditionally associated with blues and jazz. The Tone knob allows the guitar player to suit his preference to a more bass or treble tone. The level is to crank it up where you end up close to metal territory.

True bypass switch means that the input jack is connected directly to the output when the pedal is switched off. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry.
Special tool-free battery cover design, very convenient for battery replacement.

Output Level Knob
Gain Knob
Tone Knob, Sharpen by turning clockwise

Warm And Smooth Tone
Rich Harmonics Produces Tube-like Sound
Classic Drive/Tone/Level Knobs
Solid Metal Enclosure
True Bypass Stomp Switch