Moen FX Canada

MOEN MO-UC Compressor Guitar/Bass Comp Effect Pedal

The MOEN Uni-Comp Compressor features an ultra fast response to signal, by accenting any weak signals and attenuates loud ones to make chords come alive and really pop. On it’s own it will really round out, elevate and accent the overall sound. Sustained notes and power chords are very attainable and balanced. Place this in- line before your favorite Distortion or Drive pedal and the Uni-Comp will push it even harder. There is also very little background noise here on the Uni-Comp where some units push the signal too much (and push the noise). A great feature on the Uni-Comp is the Bias (EQ) Knob where you can balance the frequency response from Low to High….. you can even use it with a Bass Guitar! The True bypass switch means that the input jack is connected directly to the output when the pedal is switched off, so your sound is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry. The pedal also has a tool-free battery cover design.

Case Dimension – 142 x 98 x 37 mm
Weight – 0.55kg
Power Suppy – DC9V power supply or 9V PP3 battery (sold separately)
Current Drain – 12mA
Input Impedance – 500k ohm
Output Impedance – 10k ohm