Moen FX Canada

Hot Box Pedals HB-AD DELAY Analog Echo 600ms Guitar Effect Pedal

The Hot Box Delay HB-AD is a Analog Delay Echo 0 to 600ms and made exclusively by Moen Effect Lab for Hot Box Canada

Originating as a completely hand made line, these effects are still hand produced, but are now being manufactured to reach more players worldwide.Versatile, effective, and very affordable (and they look great too!) Very nice delay with great vintage tones and can compete with more well known (and much more expensive) vintage rivals.

The HB-AD features full Analog tone with an excellent quality build throughout : Full metal casing, quality knobs, heavy duty stomp switch and True Bypass, offers a great response that fits in nicely into the mix with everything from realistic slap-back to longer repeats.

These pedals are built with quality in mind,heavy duty metal enclosures and stomp switches and are made to withstand harsh floor-usage environments with heavy-duty rubber on the underside, it doesn’t move or slide away easily.

Features at a Glance:

  1. Vintage Tonal response
  2. Time 0 to 600ms
  3. Space saving design
  4. Blend,Repeat and Time control knobs.
  5. Tough-built metal enclosure with Heavy Duty 3PDT metal stomp switch.
  6. Powered by 9V Battery (behind back plate) or 9V Adapter (not included)
  7. True bypass stomp switch.
  8. Size  4 1/2 ” H x 2 3/4″ W x 1 1/4″ D
  9. Weight 11 oz